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Normally the DPF would still regen though until the last two days, when the soot levels seem to be getting much higher than they have been much quicker than usual (up to 65g soot mass and 9g ash mass from 40g soot this morning; the highest previous I saw was 35g soot) with 7 regen attempts and the Particulate Filter System (480A) fault.
The DPF Doctor is a network of independent DPF specialists that can accurately diagnose your DPF problem and any underlying faults that have caused your DPF Light to appear. We will advise you of the reason for your DPF problem, fix it and then give you some honest advice on how to get the best out of a DPF equipped vehicle.
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Regeneration des DPF bei BMW. BMW verwendet nur aktive DPF. Bei diesem System wird ständig der Staudruck im DPF gemessen, steigt dieser auf einen bestimmeten Wert, wird die Regeneration eingeleitet. Dabei wird durch Erhöhung der Abgastemperatur auf über 600°C der angesammelte Ruß verbrannt.
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BMW e60 525d, issues with DPF, unable to init regeneration. ... Try clean dpf before regeneration. On 525 there is a software issue if i level is lower 2008. Chech in ...
• The DPF cleans or regenerates itself by burning off the captured soot particles as part of the normal driving process when the DPF temperature becomes hot enough. • Alternatively, the engine management system will trigger a regeneration sequence if the normal driving has not been able to provide sufficient regeneration.
Well gents, I've encountered my first Check-Engine light on my new-to-me 2015 Ram EcoDiesel. The truck has almost 156k miles on it, and I knew it was about time for this issue to arise. I forgot exactly what the code said, but essentially "DPF Regen frequency too high" was the message. Having...
I leave my “auto-regen” turned off only because most of my trips are short and I don’t want regen starting when I know it won’t complete. Instead, I wait until the DPF is full and I’ll enable the auto regen before a longer trip. So far it’s been taking about 30 miles to get it to 0%.
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  • AUTOPHIX 7910 OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner Tool for BMW/MINI Cars, Upgraded Multi-System Auto Engine Fault Code Reader with Airbag ABS Oil EPB SAS CBS EGS Reset DPF Battery Registration 4.5 out of 5 stars 724
  • Nov 08, 2014 · If the DPF exceeds 75% clogged, it won't conduct a regen. I would try running Forte through it over a few tanks to see if it can be reduced enough to kick it off again. Any Glowplug errors (4212, 4222, 4232, 4242, 4252, 4262)?
  • Fahrzeuge die häufig von DPF Problemen betroffen sind: • Mazda 3, 5, 6 • Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover • VW Passat, Golf, Touran, Motor 2.0D PD 125KW • VW T5, Crafter • MB Sprinter • BMW E60 520D 525D 530D • BMW E90 320D 325D 330D
  • You cannot remove the DPF system from your vehicle anymore. Also, you have to service it within the indicated date, or your car will not clear a test. However, now that we have brought our DPF regeneration services in Easington , you won’t have to worry about missing out on service anymore.
  • Hi..there.. Only the DDE control module will calculate as and when regenration has to occur..sometimes you may feel the power reduce slightly during which or a little smoke out the back for a few moments - But normally its a continuous regeneration of the diesel particulate filter once it reaches upto exhaust temperatures between 280 / 350° C - after 600 miles. if your making short distance ...

Mar 07, 2017 · A DPF that reaches the end of its service life, is completely loaded with ash (non-combustible mineral substances) and therefore creates a high counter pressure, CANNOT be regenerated using this cleaning method! An increased DPF load always represents an effect and not a cause!

Cez vikend som sa pokusil o regen. DPF nakolko uz som mal v carly zapisanu chybu 480 a pomohlo len zohriat motor na prevadzkovu teplotu a pocas jazdy vymazanie chyby + plus pokracovanie v kludnej jazde, inak nechcelo regen. spustit. Nastastie som mal tlak pri kludnej jazde este pod hranicou zapisu chyby 480 a DPF sa pekne zregenerovalo. Don't ignore it, hoping the DPF light will simply go away. You need to go for a drive where you can get the car up to temperature and keep the revs up - preferably above 3000rpm - for a good few minutes. For example, take the scenic route to the supermarket, keeping the car in a lower gear (although there's no need to have the revs screaming).
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Oct 11, 2017 · I just bought a 2012 Hino 338 and it came with DPF problems. It won’t do automatic regeneration. I changed the DPF filter and DEF pump with the injector. But still doesn’t do automatic regeneration. Any body that can give me a clue?

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DPF regeneration helps ensure exhaust backpressure does not rise to the point where fuel economy is reduced. So, “if needed, induce an active regeneration when prompted by the warning lamp ...